German Cathedral.

The 70m high domed tower is situated to the left of the concert hall, when you’re looking straight at the Gendarmenmarkt. It is the counterpart to the French Cathedral, built to the right of the concert hall.
The German Cathedral is actually made up of two buildings: the tower, constructed in 1781, and the church, erected eighty years earlier under King Friedrich I by the Lutheran community but never used and handed over to the East German government in 1984.

Exhibition on German history.

The permanent historic exhibition on the German government, “Paths – mistakes – detours; the development of parliamentary democracy in Germany” is spread over five floors in the German Cathedral. It particularly highlights the eras in which the foundations for Germany’s current political structure were laid. It thus shows the consequences of the 1789 French Revolution for the divided territory of Germany as well as the fresh political start after 1945 through to the reunification of the two German states in 1990.

Opening times: Tues to Sun 1000 to 1800hrs, from May to Sep till 1900hrs;
Mon only open on Bank Holidays. Entry is free. More information on tours and further details are available on the German government homepage.
Photos and display boards show visitors Germany's history. © K. Poehls


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